Dates and Location

The conference takes place on February 6, 2024 at Google Paris at 8 Rue de Londres 75009 Paris, France.

What is DevFest?

DevFest is an annual distributed tech conference hosted by the Google Developer Groups (GDG) community. GDGs host these events around the globe. DevFest 2022 marked the 11th year of DevFest and represents the beginning of the second decade of the GDG community. Through DevFest, you can continue to explore how Google's suite of developer tools can expand the impact of local tech professionals and developers like you around the world. Whether you're passionate about finding new opportunities, elevating your knowledge on the latest Google developer tools, or exploring how to use Google technologies to generate social and economic impact, DevFest offers an amazing platform for developers to connect locally, learn, and build on Google's tools.

Content Formats

During the conference day, attendees will be able to attend sessions and hands-on workshops, chat with experts and attendees at coffee breaks and more.

What is Google Developer Groups (GDG)?

Google Developer Groups (GDG) is the largest developer community in the world. Over 1000+ GDGs exist in 140+ countries around the globe. The program helps developers connect with one another and learn about building products on all Google platforms. Each GDG is a local community hub of professional developers who share expertise and passion for Google's developer technology. GDG communities coordinate community activities centered around helping developers learn, connect, and grow while building a strong sense of belonging to the local and global Google Developer Groups community.

CFP: Call for Paper

How long does the CFP last?

The CFP will open on November 14, 2023 and end on November 30 at 11:59 p.m.

My presentation has been accepted, do I have to pay for my entry to the conference?

Each speaker has free entry. So there is no need to take a seat. Whether you are alone or several people present and whatever the format of the session.

My presentation has not yet been accepted, should I buy my place just in case?

We will contact all those involved and, if necessary, we will open new places to allow them to register.

As a speaker, am I free to use whatever I want? You agree to only use royalty-free content or for which you have purchased the necessary licenses (images, music).


What is unique about DevFest?

DevFest is the GDG program's annual globally distributed conference. Different from a meetup or speaker session, DevFests events cover multiple topics and offer a suite of activities that aim to help local developers come together to learn, build and understand the full suite of Google's developer tools. DevFest events happen during the second part of the year and offer a way to engage with new content from various Google product teams.

How do I become a DevFest speaker?

You can submit your talk proposal via CFP. Accepted speakers will get a chance to become a DevFest Speaker.

Will events be virtual or in person?

DevFest Paris 2024 is in person event, it will take place at Google Paris at 8 Rue de Londres 75009 Paris, France. Google maps

How can I stay informed?

To stay updated, follow us on Twitter, or visit the website

If the event is online and available to everyone, why do I need to request an invite or register?

Registration and attendance numbers help us plan better events. Please RSVP for each event that interests you, and keep in mind that attendance may be limited, especially for in-person events.

Will the sessions be in my language?

DevFest is a distributed global conference featuring events in countries around the world. DevFest sessions will usually be hosted in the regional language, unless otherwise specified.

Can I drop off my luggage?

Although the event is multi-day, we do not allow participants to leave their luggage during the event. However, a cloakroom service is available free of charge during the day to drop off backpacks and jackets.

I am looking for a job, can I benefit from the reduced rate ticket?

You can book Early Bird tickets at a reduced price. No special discount and no refunds will be made.

Content Formats

Please check the agenda on the website for details. Denerally, it includes three types of sessions: conferences (30 minutes), quickies (20 minutes) and workshop/codelabs (2 hours).

How many presentations are there in parallel?

There will be 2 parallel sessions all day (1 session for talks and 1 workshop/codelab session).


I couldn't come, can I get a refund?

We delegate all of our ticketing to the service provider, so you can cancel your tickets under the conditions defined by them. After the event date, no refunds will be made.

I would not be able to come. Can I give up my place to a friend?

No, the tickets are personal and in all cases, access to the event for these tickets will be on presentation of proof. Without proof, entry to the event will be refused. No refunds will be made.

Are the presentations filmed?

All sessions with the exception of codelabs will be filmed and made available on the GDG France Youtube channel

Is DevFest eligible for CPF?

DevFest Paris does not support the management of CPF (Personal Training Account).

What about my image rights?

By participating in DevFest Paris, you agree to be filmed and/or photographed and for your image to be broadcast as part of the promotion of the event on all media. More specifically, as a speaker, you agree to: have your presentation filmed, recorded and broadcast live; have your presentation broadcast for free on YouTube. In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, you have the right to access personal data concerning you and kept, if necessary, by the organizers.

I am the organizer of a User Group, how can I help you?

As a User Group, you can help us in several aspects: By helping us find speakers, By broadcasting the event in your network. For this, we have made several elements available to you in the press section for distribution: posters, banners.

More Registration Details

Please make sure to register using the name that matches the government-issued photo ID you’ll be presenting when you check in to the festival. Registration for GDG DevFest Paris 2024 includes a full day of sessions, product demos, and attendance at the keynotes. We also provide complimentary snacks.

Attendance Details


All presentations at GDG DevFest Paris will be in French and English.

Badges & Badge Pick-up

To expedite the check-in process, we’ll begin badge pick-up on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

Everyone is guaranteed a seat for the keynotes but the best seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis during badge pick-up beginning at 9 AM on February 6th. So make sure to come in on time!

Please note, you may not share, give, or otherwise provide your badge to anyone. GDG DevFest Paris badges aren’t replaceable, so don't lose yours or you won’t be readmitted to the conference. You must wear your GDG DevFest Paris badge to gain admission to the conference, including the sessions, workshops. If requested by security, please display or provide additional identification. GDG DevFest Paris badges may include your name, company or work title (if provided).

Event Attire

GDG DevFest is a developer event, so please be comfortable and casual. There is no enforced dress code.


Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas.

No Soliciting

No solicitation or selling of items or services is allowed at GDG DevFest Paris. Any attendee conducting these activities may be removed from the conference.